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Issue 12 - Treatment wetlands

"Treatment wetlands" find here Issue 12 / 07.2012 as a whole and the articles seperately.

File Issue 12
"Treatment wetlands" complete edition
File article 1
Treatment wetlands in Austria: Practical experiences in planning, construction and maintenance; G. Mitterer-Reichmann
File article 2
Constructed Wetlands for the Treatment of raw Wastewater: the French Experience; S. Troesch, D. Esser
File article 3
Comparing the treatment efficiency of different wastewater treatment technologies in Uganda; M. Elke, M. Lechner
File article 4
A Hybrid Wetland for Small Community Wastewater Treatment in Morocco; B. El Hamouri, C. Kinsley, A. Crolla
File article 5
Constructed Wetlands for Urban Wastewater Treatment in Egypt; H. I. Abdel-Shafy, A. Dewedar
File article 6
Sludge Treatment in Reed Beds Systems – Development, design, experiences; S. Nielsen
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