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Category Minimal sponsorship fee
Individual (natural persons)  30 €/a
Student *
(also for civil or military sercice, workless and persons from developing countries)
 15 €/a
Corporate (juridical persons) 300 €/a
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) 150 €/a

* for students until the study is terminated, during civil or military service for max. 1 year

Sponsors 2013

Franz Höllhuber, Bernhard Lang, Günter Langergraber, Sandra Nicolics, Hanns Plihal, Theresa Rossboth, Hans Schattauer, Christian Schwarz-Herda, Martin Wafler

Sponsors 2012

Klaus Jerlich, Günter Langergraber

Sponsors 2011

Hanno Hierzegger, Klaus Jerlich, Fritz Kleemann, Bernhard Lang, Günter Langergraber, Markus Lechner, Hanns Plihal, Christian Schwarz-Herda, Martin Wafler

Sponsors 2010

Norbert Demmelbauer, Elisabeth Freiberger, Felix Groth, Hanno Hierzegger, Franz Höllhuber, Klaus Jerlich, Stefan Jung, Bernhard Lang, Günter Langergraber, Markus Lechner, Hanns Plihal, Gabriele Mitterer-Reichmann, Christian Schwarz-Herda, Michaela Sterl, Andreas Töglhofer 

The Executive Board of the EcoSan Club

  Günter Langergraber Chairman
  Hanno Hierzegger Chairman deputy

Markus Lechner Financial secretary
  Stefan Jung Financial secretary deputy
  Nicole Kläsener-Metzner
  Niki Fleischmann Secretary deputy

Hanns Plihal





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