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ESC Consulting

Projects lead by ESC Consulting


Training of Hospital and Health Centre Staff in Uganda - Water Supply & Sanitation

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Study Reuse Uganda

Study on the reuse of treated wastewater and sanitised human excreta in Uganda

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Technical Assistance Uganda

Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment on Ecological Sanitation in Uganda

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swTws Total Sanitation

Support to the swTws project team in planning, design and realisation of an EcoSan concept "Total Sanitation" for a trading centre in the project area

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Kitgum Water Supply

Kitgum Town Water Supply Expansion and Basic Sanitation Programme

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Water Management Jordan / Palestine

Sustainable Water Management using a participatory approach in Jordan and Palestine - Project Management

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Optimizing of Flows

Sustainable and ressource conserving concepts due to optimizing of flows

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Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Planning, design and construction supervision of water supply and ecological sanitation infrastructure rehabilitation projects

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