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Study on the reuse of treated wastewater and sanitised human excreta in Uganda

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Maracha-061.jpgProject description: Between 1997 and 2004 various constructed wetland wastewater treatment plants for treatment of wastewater from hospitals and health centres as well as dry (diversion) toilets for the safe collection and treatment of human excreta were constructed in Uganda. The final products of both technologies - treated wastewater and sanitised human excreta - are partly being reused as water for irrigation and fertiliser. Nevertheless reusing these resources always bears a certain risk of dangerous substances (organic and inorganic pollutants, hormones, drugs, …) entering the food chain. The project therefore aims at analysing the quality of the products foreseen for reuse using the infrastructure in place in Hospitals and Health Centres of Matany, Maracha, Lacor, Kanawat and Kalungu and estimating the risk taking into account various different reuse strategies.

Country: Uganda

Location: Hospitals and Health Centres

Client: UCMB

Local Partners: Local project team (Sarah Tibatemwa, Alfred Atube, Charles Ongaya)

Timeframe: 2004/2005

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