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Kitgum Water Supply

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Kitgum Town Water Supply Expansion and Basic Sanitation Programme

Kitgum94.jpgProject description: The purpose of the project is to improve the capacity and the means of relevant organisations, institutions and authorities (Kitgum Town Council, WSSB, Private Operator, etc.) with regard to management of the water supply system and the improvement of the sanitary situation in Kitgum Town. The EcoSan Club is involved in all activities related to the improvement of the sanitary situation (support to local NGO in promotion, demonstration of reuse, development and design of appropriate solutions).

Country: Uganda

Location: Kitgum, Kitgum District

Client: SETEC Engineering GmbH (Austrian Development Cooperation)

Local Partners: Kitgum Town Council, OdtSan

Timeframe: 2004/2005

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