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swTws "Total Sanitation"

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Support to the swTws project team in planning, design and realisation of an EcoSan concept "Total Sanitation" for a trading centre in the project area

Project description: The objective of the project is to eliminate or at least significantly reduce sanitation problems in Rubaare by the development and realisation of an EcoSan concept for Rubaare together with the population and the swTws project team. Tasks of the EcoSan Club are to

  • advise the Project team on the theoretical procedures of planning process based on the present and up to date knowledge for sanitation projects,
  • train the project team on the planning methodologies and modern technical solutions and their implications with regard to investment cost and O & M,
  • support the project team and community of Rubaare during the planning and implementation phases

Country: Uganda

Location: Kabale, Kabale District

Client: Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment, Directorate of Water Development

Local Partners: DWD

Timeframe: 2004

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