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Issue 05 - Sanitation as a Business

"Sanitation as a Business" find here Issue 05 / 10.2010 as a whole and the articles seperately.

File Issue 05
"Sanitation as a Business" - complete edition
File article 1
From excrement to pines to mushrooms to money in Bolivia; K. Fogelberg, J. Montes, B. Soto
File article 2
Community-based, resources-oriented management of seperated human waste in peri-urban areas in Nakuru, Kenya; F. Grambauer
File article 3
Towards a sustainable strategy for implementing a waterless sanitation system with urine diversion in East Africa – Lessons learned from Austria; F. Kleemann
File article 4
Financing the Informal Entrepreneur: Recognizing Business Opportunities in Sanitation; A. van der Wel, E. Bereziat, G. de Bruijne, J. Barendse
File article 5
Making a Business of Sanitation: Establishing a World Trade Hub for the Poor; J. Sim, K. Groeber, T. Greenlee
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