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Issue 26 - Composting

File Issue 26
"Composting" - complete edition.
File article 1
Lessons learned – how to produce quality compost; Erwin Binner
File article 2
Composting of separately collected biowaste in Vienna - an example of BAT; Wojciech Rogalski
File article 3
Low cost composting options: the case-study of the Municipalities of Argos–Mycenae and Nafplio, Greece; Christina Chroni, Anna Karkazi, Thrassyvoulos Manios, Evaggelos Terzis, Kostantinos Abeliotis, and Katia Lasaridi
File article 4
Planting tests with wastewater treatment sludge compost in China; Christoph Engelhardt, Florian Kölsch, and Mathias Ginter
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