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Issue 06 - Toilets

"Toilets" find here Issue 06 / 01.2011 as a whole and the articles seperately.

File Issue 06
"Toilets" - complete edition
File article 1
Simple urine-diverting dry toilets built with recycled or readily available materials; C. Canaday
File article 2
Innovative urine diverting dry toilet (UDDT) designs from East Africa; E. Müllegger
File article 3
Experiences with urine diverting dry toilets (UDDTs) for households, schools and kindergarten in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA); C. Wendland, S. Deegener, F. Jorritsma
File article 4
Elegant yet economical urine-diverting dry toilets in Ecuador; C. Thibodeau, C. Canaday
File article 5
Technology review „Composting toilets“
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